Monday, February 15, 2010

The Drive to Queen Mary Hospital

Our drive to the hospital is unfortunately quite frequent, but it takes us across several islands as we go through a toll, a bridge, a tunnel through a mountain, another bridge, anther toll, a tunnel under the water, up a big mountain, in another short tunnel, and up a small but steep mountain. Here are a few pics of the journey.

It has been nice to have such beautiful views on the way to the hospital. There is nowhere like Hong Kong. The trip to the hospital won't be as scenic in Texas, but I do know that it will be shorter, which is also a good thing.


JP said...

Hi Anne,

Sarah is so pretty with her hair cut. She is such a lovely girl and she will recover out of this soon. Her faith keeps her strong and God works in different way and only thing he wants from us is to trust in him and he will lead the way. He knows best. He works through us show his love. God bless you and your family. Let he give you all the strength to hold on to your faith, courage to face your troubled times. Take care and see you once you are back.

Love to Sarah!


Sue and Robert Stark said...

We didn't know it was so pretty to get to the hospital! I like your hair, Sarah! It looks cute!

I can't wait to call you on skype!! Here's my Mommy's skype: sweet_sue67

I miss you! Maybe I'll get to see you when we go back home to St. Louis this summer!!

Love, Lily :)

Sue and Robert Stark said...

This is Sue: yes, "sweet sue" is corny, I know. But my dad calls me that and the "normal" Sue's were already taken. ha, ha!


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