Thursday, February 25, 2010

Praise God!

We just received a call from the doctor with Sarah's results from yesterday's test. She is in total remission!!!! Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

She started the next stage of treatment today. The next stage's primary goal is to make sure the Leukemia cells are not just "hiding", but that they are all truly gone and that they stay away. For the next 26 days, she will have a weekly spinal tap and take a chemo pill each night. We hope this will be much easier on her. Then we have 56 days of multiple kinds of chemo treatments then another "re-induction" of 33 days of harsh chemo. At that point she enters the maintenance stage which will last about two years. This will be a monthly chemo treatment, some steroids 5 days at a time and a couple of chemo pills every night.

As we finish the intensive treatments in a few months then move to the maintenance stage, the battle is to keep the Leukemia from returning. And we will not fear because we know our Lord and Savior Jesus, whose name is above all names, has the power to remove and stop Leukemia.

For now we are off to party and celebrate! I've bought a lot of Blue Bell Ice Cream, every topping you can think of and we are ready to thank the Lord for His continued blessings in our lives.

Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying for Sarah and our family. As the realization of the last month and a half comes to us, the anxiety is increasing. Now our test of faith is to trust that Jesus will keep this from returning and Sarah will be totally cured. We've been told they announce that they are cured after five years of being in remission or cancer free, so we now set out on this marathon which requires trust and faith.


Claire said...

God is so good! We are so thankful to hear that Sarah is in remission. What wonderful news. We will keep praying for you all as you continue this journey. Love from Julian, Claire, Ethan and Levi Dauncey xoxoxoxoxo

Psalm112 said...

Praise the Lord!!!

mommyT said...

Hurray for Sarah! We will continue to pray for your family. Thanks for the update!

Marla said...

Crying tears of JOY!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Holy Toledo!! Tears of joy...again!!!! Thank you, God!!! Continuing to pray.

Ice Cream Celebrations....Yummy!!!

April said...

Wow!!! What GREAT news!!! Rejoicing for your family. I'm going to go eat some Blue Bell too!

Shannon Hilliard said...

Great News, We will continue to pray and eat some cookie dough Blue Bell for me!!!

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