Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two More Days

All day I've tried to console Sarah with reminding her that she will come home on Monday, if everything goes ok with chemo tomorrow and Monday. She is starting to understand more just how much her life has changed. As she realizes these changes she starts battling being down and not having much happiness. Since she is a Clark, there is a big joy in food. One of the changes that is depressing her the most is not being able to eat bread especially pizza. This is until her immunity numbers go back to a certain level. Like anything, when you want something and you cannot have it that something starts to taste very good in your mouth. To add to this frustration, the steroids are making her have a constant hunger pain and we have to be the one to limit her intake of food because she has two days of chemo coming.

Our prayer request is that the nasty side effects of chemo will not happen. I was encouraged watching the progress of Matt Chandler on YouTube. He is the pastor at The Village Church in Dallas who is having to endure 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. They continue to pray that the side effects are minimal and God is answering their prayers. He has even started preaching again. This shows how mighty God is and what He can do as we trust Him in this situation.

It is amazing how God is using Sarah in our lives. She is actually bringing comfort for me. I thought is was supposed to be the other way. haha Today she was unhooked from her IV so I actually was able to completely hug her for the first time in two weeks. I think of all of those times I took it for granted that I was able to wrap my arms around her and I pray that for now on I never take that awesome privilege for granted with any of my daughters. Each moment, each conversation is truly a blessing and gift from God.

So now I go to bed asking for my Father's arms to wrap around our family. We hopefully will be together again in a few days. We will have to be in total lockdown without any visitors but we will party!! We will be together again! Praise God


Bill and Jill Clough said...


Jill told me about this recent news. We are very sorry to learn of this difficult challenge, but we will certainly pray for God's healing for Sarah, wisdom for the doctors as well as for the daddy and the mama, and certainly peace and strength for all of you.

Unfortunately we didn't take advantage of the opportunity to get together with you guys when in Texas last - but we think of you often, and wish we could be physically near you to offer more support now.

Will continue to follow the e-mail updates, so we will know how to update our prayer requests.

Bill (and Jill) Clough

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Praying for no side-effects from chemo. and a BIG FAMILY PARTY later this week!!!!!!!!

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