Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Love from our Family

Sarah's second treatment of chemo is going much better. She only has one chemo drug this time instead of three. She is more tired than usual, but the steriods are helping to keep up her appetite.

Today, she has been overwhelmed with the love of Jesus through His Bride the Church. We first received the box of fun things from our family at Bent Tree that were part of Anne's MOPS group. Second, we had visitors from Island ECC. Sarah was able to walk up close to the door and wave to these wonderful sisters from the mom's bible study. She had special visitors who stood at the door and encouraged her. The first was a wonderful lady who has lost her hair through chemo so she showed Sarah her wig and how her hair is growing back. The next was a young lady who is going through chemo now and they shared treatment stories and compared how many pricks they have on their arms and hands. Sarah just talked and talked to them through the door. It lifted her spirits so much to have someone to share her experience with and to be encouraged by people who love her. Tonight she will eat another meal prepared by a group at The Union Church. They sent yummy lasagna last night along with many cards that were collected from their children's sunday school class. All of this has shown Sarah that Jesus will send people from all places to encourage her through this journey. It also encourages me to see the Bride of Jesus, the church, reach out and minister to us even though they do not even know us. I am reminded of the song we sang at churches my dad pastored when I was young.

"I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God
I’ve been washed in the fountain
And cleansed by His blood
Joint heirs with Jesus as we travel this sod
For I’m a part of the family
The family of God."

To date, we know of churches praying for Sarah in H.K., Mainland China, Japan, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia,Canada, U.S. and probably more that we do not know of. Wow, what a wonderful loving Father. His love is truly unfailing.

Also, Sarah has some great ideas for fashion designs for kids with Leukemia and the would be modest and pleasing to God. (this was her project this morning, drawing new designs for clothes for kids in the hospital.) She would love to talk to a real designer. Even with all of her new "accessories" she has picked up at the hospital she is still trying to be Fancy Nancy. Someone gave her a design book to make drawings of her ideas so she now wants to be a clothes designer. I guess that is a piece of H.K. rubbing off on her. :)


Sue and Robert Stark said...

We read these past 2 posts at dinner tonight...couldn't help but cry...sadness for the little girl next to Sarah and joy at seeing Sarah's heart! And, to talk with the others who've experienced her struggle....what a blessing....warms my heart to hear how HER heart was warmed!!! And, making clothes designs...oh, la, Fancy Nancy would say! FUN!

You all are In His Grip,
The Starks :)

susie said...

Dear Sarah,
I have been your mommy's friend since we were little girls. I too have been through chemo and the "nausie", not fun I agree. I know that you will be blessed with lots of good, happy days. God made lots of good days for me and I will ask him to make lots of good days for you. If you are anything like your mommy, then I know you are a strong little girl and will embrace the challenge gracefully. Please remember that it is ok to cry and be sad because those tears won't last long. God will help the hurt and bring you the happy days I talked about. I wish you well sweet pea and will be constantly praying for lots of happy times for you through your journey. AND, I think you should make the designer clothing for kids who are in the hospital. What a fantastic idea! Brilliant even!
Love you Anne and family,
Susie Alaniz
Breast Cancer Survivor since 2006

Koop Tribe said...

once again your posts have brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy and tears of pain. But her promises to take our garments of mouring and turn them into joy.
Iaiah 61:3. Love,

Koop Tribe said...

oops, I meant to say HE promises to take our garments of mourning and turn them into joy. Isaiah 61:3. Must have been distracted.

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