Monday, January 25, 2010

Please pray

Praise God that the news has been good today! (see Jay's post for today)
Sarah finally succumbed to the nausea an threw up - her entire dinner. She couldn't get the antibiotics to stay down so they brought the liquid form. She was leery of the taste, so I had to taste it first. Thankfully, it was a sweet medicine. She took it and has kept it down. She is still 'nausie' as she puts it and is trying to find a position to alleviate the feeling.
She started getting a little down tonight about not being able to see her family and about realizing how long this treatment will be. She said she wasn't homesick but familysick. She really misses having her family all with her. And we are having many talks about the chemo and slowly introducing more of the facts. She got a bit overwhelmed tonight upon hearing that it will take 9 months for these first two parts and then a few years in all. Your prayers are being heard by Jesus and He continues to uphold her faith and strengthen her heart when the times are the hardest.
thank you

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