Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 15th

Thank you all for your emails and prayers. I have felt such peace and direction of God's hand leading us.
After many hours of discussion with the doctor at Children's Hospital Dallas and the doctors and such here and they finally all talked to each other - it has been decided that Sarah is not able to fly right now. It would be an unnecessary risk. The doctor in Dallas looked at the first round of treatment (5 weeks) and said the one here is very similar to the states and would be of the same benefit to Sarah. After that time if we feel emotionally and psychologically that she and the family need to come back to the States for the next phase of treatment (about 6 months), we can do that then and she will be at a much better place to fly, although pretty sick from chemo. The phase is shorter in the States - 5 -6 months and about 7-8 months here.
Then the last stage is the maintenance and can be done outpatient in Hong Kong.
My mother has graciously agreed to come here ASAP to help us through this. The hospital Sarah will be at is quite far from out home and a few islands away from us, but it is one of the best here. We will be moved Monday and the treatment will start. We will see if we need to move our family close to the hospital at that time.
We feel very good about this path that God is leading us on and are so very blessed to have such wonderful support from everyone on both the US and Hong Kong. It is helping in so many ways. Thank you.

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