Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Specific Markers- 3rd Day at QM

Anne and I have been on 24 hour shifts for the last few days. (the other person runs errands like food and makes sure Rebekah and Hannah are ok.) The hospital will not allow visitors so it can only be me and Anne for now.
Last night was my first night at Queen Mary and little Sarah did not have a fun time. She is having problems taking pills and it is causing her to get sick to her stomach. The good news is we did find out that a light massage on her hips along with heat pads will make the pain go away. She did get rest and even though her body looks tired she is emotionally becoming a little stronger. (Early this morning she was so sweet. I was laying my head down on the bed as I was messaging her hip. I felt her sweet little hand rub the side of my face and she adjusted my face mask around my ear so it would not be tangled. It was her way of saying thank you daddy. A very sweet moment.)

This morning they inserted the line in her chest that will be used to give the chemo, drugs and take blood. This will make it easier for her as she is constantly worried the IV is coming out again.

Last night, Sarah and I talked a lot about being positive so we can handle all of this together. So I wanted to let everyone know that even though this has been a hard ordeal, God has been holding us. The first way is we caught this disease very early. She has pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia which is the easiest to treat for her age and the leukemia was not in her spine. All of these are signs she will make a recovery with the treatments. So we want to give you a few dates on your calender to pray for:
1. 25th of Jan- first progress report. An index number (sorry can't remember the name) needs to be below 1. She was a 4 when she arrived at the hospital. This will confirm her body is reacting the way it should and she will stay at a standard risk.
2. 1st of Feb- If spine test shows more progress, they will allow her to go home between treatments. (starting the 25th, treatments will be every alternating one, two or three days)
3. 2nd of Feb- The cytogenetics tests should be finished that will show if she is standard or high risk according to the final lab report.
4.. 22nd of Feb- This stage of the treatment is completed. The leukemia should be removed from her body and she would be termed as a "molecular recession". Then the battle for the next two years is to make sure it does not return.
5. 23rd of Feb- we would have two days to move Sarah back to the U.S. if the test are positive and show remission and if we felt like that is what God desired for the Clark family.

For Sarah's type of leukemia, it can be totally cured. If she does not have a reoccurrence in five years, the possibility is very low she will have problems again.
Anne can share more later but I wanted to let you know the dates so you can keep these in your prayers. Blessings, Jay


Shannon and Brett Hilliard said...

Lovely to get the updates and to pray alongside you all. What a tough journey God has called you to. But as you know, His grace is sufficient and the body is surrounding you in prayer. Thanks for the updates.

Brett Hilliard

vicki said...

although i do not have a specific religion, i do believe that there is a God up there guiding us to be good. and i know that God helps all those who has a good-heart, like sarah. i'll pray for sarah and her family for getting thru this safely. be strong!!

vicki li

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Lifting you all up....keep going...persevere...God is holding you all in the palm of His Hand.

Just think...if pastoring & your other jobs come to an end, you will now be able to be a nurse in HK!! (OK, bad joke, but I'm trying to make you all smile....and, I'm not trying to slam nurses either). :)

A friend of mine going through brain cancer back home gave this analogy....she felt like she was swimming in a river, fighting against the currents, but she had so many friends encouraging her and cheering her on from the sides of the riverbanks....that's what we are all here doing....cheering Sarah Grace and you all on....and helping out in any physical, emotional, &/or spiritual way we can.

As you know, God is you All in All...."when the Clark family is empty You fill their cup, when the Clark family is weak You lift them up....Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name..."

You all are In His Grip,
Sue Stark :)

Ellen said...

We love ya'll. Just got the email yesterday and we are so sad to hear your news, but in reading sounds like precious Sarah Grace is holding up and being an encouragement and light to all that are around her. We are praying and please give that precious little girl (and her sisters and mommy and daddy) a big hug from me!

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