Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The day after chemo

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I wanted to give everyone a quick update after last night. Sarah had a good day, but she is really tired and still a little sick to her stomach. She still has a little appetite so that is good news. To date, she has only lost around 3 pounds since entering the hospital two weeks ago. We are praying we all can go back home together on Tuesday. At that time, we would come back to the outpatient ward to have chemo every two or three days.

We are reminded constantly how God is good. A friend of a friend offered to let us use their flat/apartment that is only 15 minutes from the hospital. They not only have been so nice to us but the greatest gift is they are allowing us to use their car and driver. (A perk given to some expats working in HK.) This way we are able to send Sarah food immediately after we cook it. Hopefully she will enjoy "home" cooking. This is just another example of God watching after her with detail. I must say the Clark family is being treated great also. Hannah has a play room that has enough crafts and toys for three kids, but as most little sisters she can't fully enjoy it without her sissy.

Anne and I also need your prayers because we will have to make hard decisions in the next few weeks as we finalize if we will go back to the U.S. or stay in H.K. for the remainder of the intensive treatment. There is not an easy answer. Both really have good and bad points. I believe this is why it is so difficult to make.

Blessings, Jay


HBailey Wichman (PA) said...

Thanks Jay for the timely updates. I really look forword to reading them.

Brad the Dad said...

I agree. Thanks for taking the time to keep us in the loop. We are still praying hard for you guys, and many of the students and staff at my school are also lifting you up. So great to also hear the daily answers from Dad!

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Lifting you up!

From Lily: I hope you feel better and I hope your Mom and Dad choose to quickly for you to get the right treatment. God is doing everything in you and God is making feel better!

In His Grip,
The Stark's :)

Donna B said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on Sarah's progress. There are many, many people here in the U S that are praying for you all. I'm so glad to know that ya'll are being held in the Mightiest of Hands during this time. I pray that upcoming decisions that you have to make will be made clear to you and that doubt and fear not come your way. Give Sarah a hug and kiss and tell her it is from Donna Sue, Rascal, Hunter and Bear.
Love you all
Donna Sue
We love each of you,

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