Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to Sarah's Blog

Welcome to the care blog for Sarah Grace Clark. We will be adding all of the updates from the last week very soon. In the mean time, feel free to leave messages or prayers of support for Sarah. And, if you feel led, you can click on the Donate button on the side of the page to donate towards her treatment and the family's expenses.


kandi5961 said...

Wish I could give SarahGrace and both of you a big hug...I just read the news. Just had a time of prayer, and passed this on to other prayers warriors...knowing the love of the Father, and His all-knowing, His mighty power, His sufficient grace, His love for SarahGrace and all of you...that helps. We will continue to pray, and trust in Him...please tell Sarah Grace (one of my all time favorite kids) that Miss Kandi is thinking of her and praying for her...

bee-sweet said...

I am truly amazed at how mature and wonderful sarah is being. She is being prayed for by many of my friends.
Keep up hope and trust.
Your all on our hearts everyday.
-Brittany Cooley

Victoria said...

We found out about Sarah's illness just before we left HK in January and we (Jemima especially) have been praying for her ever since. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch though, or found the blog earlier. It's so good to see how you're trusting God for all your needs and honouring him in all you do. We would love to send something to Sarah, where should we send it to?
I've just subscribed to get regular updates, so maybe you could send me an email with an address?
Much love, Victoria.

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