Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The pill battle

Being just 7 years old and not being sick much at all before in her life, Sarah has been having issues taking the loads of pills required of her multiple times a day. Last night, the nurse came with the dreaded little cup and Sarah refused to do it. So, I had to reluctantly put on my 'this is for your own good' voice and we talked through the drama and I had to threaten her that I was going to have to take drastic measures to get these down her throat. Finally she put it in and I coached her through the process. Right before she popped it in, she closed her eyes and I heard her whisper, "God, please help me do this." Then she took a sip of juice. Her eyes immediately popped open in surprise as she realized the pill went down easily. She is getting better and better at it now and the drama is almost gone. (Although, those of you who know Sarah well know that the drama will never be COMPLETELY gone. But this is part of her charm.)
Also last night we were on another floor since Sarah was recovering from her surgery to get her central line put in. On this floor, parents aren't really encouraged to stay but the nurse said if I wanted to stay I would have to pay and register myself as a patient. I said fine whatever it takes. Just before this all happened, Sarah had received a care package from some friends. In there was some amazing goodies for her and also an envelope for me with money in it. Right when the nurse left, Sarah looked at me and said, "Well isn't that great that God just sent us some money even before we needed it!" God really is taking care of every need, and many times the provision has come before the need arises! Oh, God, I praise you for you alone are worthy.


Sonia said...

Please know that Isaac (former 23 week 0 day micropreemie now 3 yr 9 mos old) and Abigail (21 mo old) are praying for your precious Sarah every day - in the morning and at night. Isaac was overwhelmingly blessed by the people (especially the children) who prayed for him from all over the world during the 6 months he was in the hospital after he was born and I hope he carries that special blessing with him the rest of his life. I am so glad you have a blog to let us know how to pray and how to help. To be honest with you, I think I kept my sanity by blogging every day when Isaac was in the hospital. I didn't have the strength to keep recounting his updates to people in person/myself and people who followed my blog blessed me so much with the comments and encouragement. My heart breaks that Sarah has to go through such a trial at such a young age and for you all as well. But I do know that our Lord is good and faithful and will bless you during this difficult journey. Sarah is so amazing. Praising God through tears for blessing us with such a precious and special girl.

Hugs and prayers,


Brad the Dad said...

We are continuing to pray and lift you guys up to the Ever Faithful Father. It is so good to hear how He is taking you through these first challenges, and we know He will bear you through it all. We are standing with you to see complete healing for our little sister.
Bless you all Clarks!

Sue and Robert Stark said...

Sweet Sarah,
Lily asks about you all the time. She plays that her dolls and animals are at the hospital, too. She prays for you and Hannah and Rebekah and Grace and your mom and dad.

We're giving you hugs right now! Do you feel them?!?!

God's strength and love and grace are shining through you.

We love you!
Lily Stark and her Mommy and Daddy :)

-Chad said...

"For I am sure of this very thing, that the one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." We are praying for you!

Claire said...

Oh Sarah - you are such a brave girl and well done on taking those pills. Sending you big hugs from Ethan in Australia and his little brother Levi xoxo

Kim said...

Team Miller in Discovery Bay is praying for you Sarah Grace! We learned of your family from our dear friends Shannon & Brett Hilliard and Sue & Nelson Ng. We will be faithfully following your treatment and recovery as we lift you in prayer.
Love & Blessings,

April said...

Way to go Sarah, I'm so proud of you! I have a hard time with those pills too. Now you have helped me learn to pray to get them down. You are loved and being prayed for!

Mamma Africa said...

Samuel, Jessica and mummy and daddy Bryant are all praying for you! Every day we pray for someone in your family! One of my neighbours from another church in Sai Kung, has also asked their prayer team to pray for you. And our friends in SA have also put you on their prayer list!

You are an amazingly special little girl, in a super special family and we will keep praying for you!

love & blessings,

xtessa said...

We are praying for little Sarah and your family as well. I know we have yet to meet (in person) but you can count on us for support and that we will keep you in our prayers.

-Tessa Escueta-Torio

PamelaChavez said...

Hey Precious Sarah Grace,
You don't know me but I'm a good friend of your Aunt Nell. I am so impressed with you and hope that I get to meet you someday. I have trouble taking pills too. My trick is to take all my pills with a glass of warm sweet milk. I just figured this out 2 days ago. I warm up my milk in the microwave and add a spoonful of sugar. It's delicious and the pills go down easy. Now that you are already a pro, you might not need this tip, but just thought you might like it.
We will be praying for you Sarah.
Pam Chavez

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